Ellie's Summer Fling

Play Ellie's Summer Fling

For her outfit you can pick a cream dress with colorful flower prints, a little black dress with golden embroidery or a black and white asymmetric dress with stripes. You can also mix and match a white top and a pastel pink leather jacket, a beige shirt or a white and blue striped blouse with a pair of ripped jeans or a yellow skirt. You can also add a leather vest or jacket or a long coat with flower prints on the bottom. Accessorize with a pair of sunglasses, jewelry and a handbag. Then send a text to her crush before their date. Have a lot of fun playing Ellie's Summer Fling!Sarah has to get ready for a romantic date with her summer fling. She wants to look stunning and impress him and for that she has decided to go through a full makeover. In Summer Fling Makeover the first step is to apply the most amazing lotions, creams and masks to create a smooth and beautiful skin. As it is summer, is very important to have a nice tan and keep the skin hydrated using the best beauty products.Join now and have fun!


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